Affiliate program

Without being exaggerated we can say that FLOPS is a most technology-advanced and comfortable hosting presented at Russia/CIS market. Our affiliate program is a very smart choice to earn by promoting our advantages. This is very simple: you are attracting users, they are enjoying the service and you earn an affiliate fee which is currently set to 15% from referral expenses.

Not like many other affiliate hosting programs with time-limited referral fees we offering lifetime fees from every paid client. From our side, we will ensure to take maximal effort to fulfill client needs, so he/she will most likely to stay with us for a long time.

Participation in our affiliate program is very easy: you should create your own account and check the Affiliate tab. Here you can check your referral link, promo materials and affiliate statistics.

You can post FLOPS review on your blog or a favourite forum or recommend us to your friends or colleagues. Whatever method you choose, clicking on your referral link automatically adding user to your affiliate pool after registration.

We collected most popular questions related to an affiliate program.

  • How FLOPS affiliate program works?
    You are receiving special URL for distribution among potential users. After that, you can promote this link by available methods and techniques. All users who followed your URL and registered within one hour interval later will be marked as your referrals. Later, you will receive a fixed fee from their expenses.
  • How long I will receive the fee and how large it will be?
    We are paying percentage from all real expenses (excluding VAT) by a lifetime period. Please be aware of fact that you will receive a part from referral expenses, not from account refills.
  • What billing quantum is for those fees?
    Affiliate payments are made in a real time following referral expenses.
  • Is the test period available for my referrals?
    Yes, every client can apply for the test period which includes 500 roubles and two-weeks trial period span, whichever ends earlier.
  • Whan «active users» term mean?
    User is marked as active until it has at least one virtual machine.
  • How funds are calculated and how can I use them thereafter?
    All funds from referral fees are going to your referral account. They can be withdrawn to Webmoney wallet or transferred to the main account.
  • What is minimal withdrawal amount and when I can expect it?
    Minimal sum for withdrawal is equal to 600 roubles. Withdrawals taking place every week at Wednesday. To receive them you should create an order in «Payments» area.
  • What kinds of advertising are allowed?
    We will welcome all methods which will not affect our reputation or make inconvenience to any third person. Publishing obviously incorrect information or creating unwanted mailings is strictly prohibited.