• I am already using services from third-side provider, why I may use FLOPS?
    Using our services, you will receive also:
    - key parameter monitoring for your servers,
    - SMS-based notification system for server internal issues,
    - ability to change server size at any moment,
    - triple data replication,
    - high-speed free local network,
    - server snapshots and backups
    This features are free and embedded in our service baseline. We are sure that every feature will help you and save your time and money.
  • Where are FLOPS servers located physically?
    Right now FLOPS is placed inside a StoreData Tier-3 datacenter in Moscow, Russia.
  • Is FLOPS an independent provider or a white-label reseller?
    We are offering hosting services which are using our own hardware and orchestration stack. We are certified as a full-fledged telecommunication provider in Russia.
  • What quantum does billing have?
    Charges are processed on a minute basis.
  • What virtualization type you use?
    Our infrastructure built on top of QEMU/KVM hypervisor and Linux OS.
  • Which parameters are available as a monitoring metrics?
    You can set trigger values for CPU, memory, disk space and network consumtion.
  • What means ondemand size change?
    We are offering possilility to change RAM size, CPU quota, disk size and network bandwidth without service interruption and with immediate effect.
  • What storage are you use?
    We are using opensource distributed software storage named Ceph and offering multi-point redundancy and low disk subsystem latency.
  • How much storage I can order?
    Maximum disk size is proportional to memory size. Right now we are offering 64 Gb of disk space for 1Gb of RAM.
  • Will disk I/O operations be charged?
    No. Disk I/O is completely free.
  • What is server snapshot and how I can make it?
    Snapshot represents atomic state of the virtual machine disk. Snapshot can be used as a temporary backup or you may download it. Snapshots are absolutely free of charge.
  • How I can request a moneyback?
    To issue a moneyback procedure you should contact our support team by email support@flops.ru, phone 8 800 775-02-36 or by any other type of contact.